BHS 1957 Class Will from the archives of Virginia Miron Riley


 Charlene LeClaire wills her big feet to Scabby Mayo.  Don’t trip Scabby!


Kathy Kuivanen wills her slowness to Barbara Seppanen.  Try it Barb!


Daryl Jestila wills his sweet lips to Toehead  Miron.  Do you think you will enjoy them Marlene???


Robert Lappala wills his long legs to Donald Keranen, now try out for track Don.!


McGee Kunick leaves his manly voice to Billy Mathes who still has his squeaky voice!


Paulene Paavola wills her tight skirts to Suzy Cossette who seems to go for the flared type!


Ilene Miller wills her ability to mind her own  business to Pat Petereson.  It doesn’t pay to be nosey Pat!


Darlene Perrow wills her pleasant smile to Mr. Erickson.


Helen Vizina bequeaths her dainty dancing feet to Billy Erickson, good luck Elvis!


Mary Gauthier wills her short hair to DeDe Vaughn.  Chop it short DeDe.


Dickie Hiltunen wills his romantic eyes to his brother Tom.  Hope they attract the girls for you like they did for him Tom!


Jarbo St Germain leaves his ability to two-time Pauline without getting caught and his little red wagon to assist him in the getaway to Nancy Butler.


LeRoy Karenen wills his ability to drink nothing but pop to John R. Clish who had a hard time keeping basketball training rules.


Harold Bennick wills his slimness to Sarah Holmstron.


Rodney Varline wills his ability to hold hands during “E” period to Jack La Beau who seems to do it noon hour instead.


Pete Lytikainen wills his ability to come to school with hangovers to Buddy LaJoye who doesn’t seem to make it.


Darlene Jestila wills her quietness to Butcho Miron who can’t seem to keep his shut.


Judy Maki wills her ability to “land a man” to Pauline Shulstead, who can’t seem to keep one.


Bob Perrow wills his black curly hair to Mr. Archambeau.


Pat Hiltunen wills her natural shaped eyebrows   to Minerva Antonen.


Nancy Pirhonen wills her good memory to Miss Giddings.


Jim Seppanen wills his white hair and complexion to Phyllis Seratti.


JoDean Getzen wills her ability to get stuck in the snow bank to anyone who doesn’t want to go home a little under the weather.


Lucille Kinnunen wills her red hair to Miss Bernier.


Keith Grant wills his muscles to George Kauppila.  Now make a play for Shirley, George.


Winkie Rantala wills his sparkling false teeth to anyone who needs them.


John Anderson wills his ability to shower a skunk in a bard to anyone who wants a perfumed bath.


Jim Lein wills his ability to get along with the teachers to Clifford Laho.


Anita Saari wills her shyness to Nelda Carrier.


Crud Luiska wills his ability to get excused every afternoon to Nancy Butler who plays “hookie” instead.


Karen Mayo wills her childish whispers to Loreen Pelon who thinks shouting draws more attention.


Anita Chosa wills her daintiness to Ruby Ray Kangas.  Happy landing Rudy.


Bob Johnson wills his tuba to anyone who wants to go on a  toot.


Pat Almli wills his ability to tell stories, or shall we say “fibs” to Mary Ellen Koski who enjoys telling the truth, especially about the seniors.


Billy Saranen wills his baby face to Mr. Shulstad.


Peter Hiltunen wills his ability to flirt with the girls to Patty Johnson who always seems to end up with the same old Pauline.


Jiggs Miron wills her ability to get sick to anyone who wants to take off a day, and then really be sick the next day.


Lou Osterman leaves her knowledge of “How to attract men’ to anyone who wants to be a party girl.


Kathy Seratti wills her ability to make everyone think she’s an angel to Dale LeClaire who

can’t fool anybody.

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